Therapist Careers – What You Need to Know

Applied behavior analysis or ABA therapists are knowledgeable on how environmental issues affect the behavior of people and help them overcome these behavioral problems. These therapists contribute to improving the quality of lives of such patients. Individuals who are affected with developmental disabilities such as ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder can benefit from the services offered by ABA therapists. This read provides information on the careers of ABA therapists.

The individual requires an associate’s degree in special education, psychology or any ABA-specific courses to get an entry-level position as an ABA therapist. If you want to advance to a supervisory position, you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In fact, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board or BACB offers certification courses for ABA therapists. The coursework should be completed at an approved school for this purpose. The candidate also requires field experience to advance to the next level of certification.

There are many places where an ABA therapist can work. School systems across the country, educational establishments, and similar organizations that have to deal with behavioral training may employ these therapists. An individual family also may consult this type of therapist to work on their kids or other members at home. The salary for an ABA therapist mostly depends on his/her education, certification, and experience. The median hourly pay rate for an ABA therapist is around $15. They can draw an annual salary between $25,179 and $50,800. You can find related jobs here at

An ABA therapist should have excellent communication skills. Most of them train their staff members to implement individual behavioral programs on behalf of them. They work with their clients individually or as a group. The read above provides information on ABA therapist careers. It will help you make an informed decision when deciding to look for an ABA therapist job.