The link between elevated cholesterol levels and an increased risk of mortality is something that should not be understated. Higher cholesterol levels can be an indicator of increased risk of j heart disease and stroke as well as some metabolic disorders.

High cholesterol levels are usually linked to lifestyle factors. People who are overweight are obese and who lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle are more likely to end up having high cholesterol than those who are active and who follow a healthier diet. However out is important to understand that there is no link between the cholesterol in your food and the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream. Eggs got an unfairly bad reputation a few years ago because they are high in cholesterol. However, they are also rich in protein and full of healthy fats, which makes them an excellent part of a balanced diet.

There are two kinds of cholesterol, LDL, and HDL, and the important thing is not how much cholesterol you have in your bloodstream, but the balance between the good kind and the bad kind. You need some cholesterol to stay healthy. The body uses it for the production of certain hormones.

If your blood pressure is high or you are concerned about your cholesterol levels for other reasons, then the first thing you should do is look at your overall lifestyle. Can you cut down on alcohol consumption, eat more fiber and protein, drink more water or get more exercise? These are all things that will help you to improve general health markers such as your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Get checked up regularly if you have any concerns, so you can get regular feedback on whether your blood work is moving in the right direction.

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